Andre Sarmiento / make up


Makeup Artist Andre Sarmiento found his passion for beauty while studying to become an anthropologist at UC Berkeley. Loving fashion from an early age, flipping through magazines was a long cherished pastime. While still in school, Andre decided to take on a job doing stage makeup up for experimental theatre to explore his growing interest in beauty and aesthetics. Gradually, he fell in love with the art of makeup and soon his very academic path became one of beauty, color and creativity.

Returning to his native Los Angeles, Andre took a variety of jobs to gain experience and eventually began assisting top make-up artists including Lucia Pieroni, Joanna Schlip and Kate Lee. It was on set with these top artists that Andre was provided with hands-on training and was able to develop a style and a voice all his own.

Focusing on radiant skin while employing bold texture and thoughtful use of color, Andre uses his minimalist aesthetic to create modern, eye-catching beauty. Beyond a reputation as a capable artist and knowledgeable collaborator, it is Andre’s warmth and sincere personality that make him a truly invaluable part of any project.

Andre has established himself as a go-to make-up artist for red carpet events, as well as fashion and editorial work - his work has been featured in Marie Claire, Lucky, and international editions of Vogue, Elle, Cosmo and Rolling Stone. He is currently based in Los Angeles.